Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) is ammunition which has been fired, but has not functioned as designed and can be particularly dangerous as all the normal safety features have been overcome. In this case, very little handling may be needed to make the item of ammunition function.

If you should find a suspicious item that may be UXO, do not touch or disturb it. The potential for injury is dramatically increased if UXO is disturbed.

Contact POLICE  - they will arrange for military experts to attend and dispose of it.

Follow these simple actions on finding a suspicious item:

  1. If a suspect UXO item is found - DO NOT TOUCH, disturb or tamper with the item in any way. This includes making any attempt to move the item to a 'safe' location.
  2. Carefully note the appearance of the item and the location. Take a photograph if it is possible to do so without further approaching or disturbing the item.
  3. If possible, mark the location so that it can be found later. Coloured tape or paint make easily recognised marker material. Note the route to the item.
  4. Inform the property owner, park ranger, prime contractor, site foreman or supervisor of the find.
  5. Inform the Police that a possible ammunition item has been found. They will instigate a request for Defence personnel to attend and dispose of the item.

The pages of this website will provide you with a good understanding of what UXO is, where it may be found within Australia and what you should do if you encounter it.


One of the roles of the National Unexploded Ordnance Program (NUXOP) is to gather and disseminate information that will assist in the safe management of land in Australia that may be subject to UXO contamination.   

Therefore, if you know of any such UXO information or site, or simply want some further information regarding UXO, please contact Defence at: uxo@defence.gov.au

Important note

If you believe you have discovered an item of UXO, please contact the Police in the first instance to arrange for suitable disposal by Defence personnel.